At Garrett Brown Designs we create furniture, custom interior spaces, and art inspired by nature. We act with authenticity, integrity, and passion. 

We work the way we like our coffee, bold and with strong character.
GBD provides contemporary designs your family will treasure for years.
We value our collaboration with clients and other designers to create a masterpiece.


Garrett - Owner / Designer

Garrett began his design career modestly, selling his car to buy tools and purchase wood. He built a furniture and art design and manufacturing company and now owns a 3,500 sq. ft. shop in Denver and employees several local craftspeople.  Garrett draws his inspiration from nature as well as his travels. As a result, many of his pieces incorporate mixed media, combining the warmth and beauty of wood and stone with the slickness of metal, steel, acrylic, or concrete. He also uses photographic images and transfers to add an exciting, original dimension to his work. He is constantly designing and searching for new perspectives. He travels the world seeking adventure, often with a surfboard or snowboard in tow. His free spirit has taken him to Costa Rica, Japan, remote areas of the United States, and beyond. Garrett is always looking forward to his next big business or leisure adventure. As a naturally competitive person, he quickly jumped at the opportunity when asked to compete on Spike TV’s “Framework" in 2016. Garrett has continued his journey and adds to his company's successes with large outdoor installations for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and The Big Wonderful.


Zane - Shop Manager

  As the production manager at Garrett Brown Designs, Zane has a hand in almost every aspect of the production process. He likes to think of it as taking something imaginary and making it into reality. He enjoys every step of that creative process and has been producing on a professional level at GBD for almost two years. When Zane is not at the shop he is usually in the kitchen. He loves to cook and share meals with friends and family. He refers to it as "kitchen therapy". Zane also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and is an avid baseball fan. He considers himself very lucky to be able to come to work and do something he loves every day.


Candy - Office Manager

Candy has a strong background in customer service, sales, and business management. She joined the GBD team in March as the Office Manager and has spent the majority of her professional career in customer service and management. When not at work she seeks out new challenges and adventures. Candy grew up in Alaska and has continued to travel by visiting almost all of the states. Her fearless nature has taken her skydiving and to the top of several of Colorado's 14ers. She is planning on another 3 this summer.