Carolina "Cali" Ruiz

Office Assistant


I'm Cali, GBD's Office Assistant during the day, and when the night falls, you'll find me immersed in the world of music. Music isn't just a hobby for me; it's the quiet rhythm that fuels my life. Whether it's the gentle hum of the bass or the harmony of melodies, I find solace and joy in the notes.

My journey has been deeply influenced by my single-parent mom's dedication. Her hard work and endless support continue to inspire me, teaching me that commitment isn't just a choice; it's a way of life.

In the office, I channel that same dedication into every task, working diligently to ensure everything runs smoothly. When the stage lights illuminate, you won't find me at the forefront; instead, I'm the one ensuring everything's in perfect sync. Whether I'm in the office or supporting a performance, my focus on the details stays constant.