Jack Linderman


I take immense pride in my meticulous woodworking skills and attention to detail, both inside the shop and onsite, where I assist JB with installation. It's in these moments that our shared commitment to precision truly shines.

Beyond work, my world revolves around my lovely wife, Paige, and our loyal shop dog, Nellie. They bring warmth to each day.

If I were to embark on a dream journey, it would be to explore Japan—a place where classic woodworking traditions, culinary delights, and a hint of skiing come together.

What drives me daily is the satisfaction of creating something meant to outlive us all. Woodworking is my calling, yet I've always held a soft spot for hospitality. People, food, and drinks have a universal charm I can't resist. Having that interaction onsite with clients and other trades feels like a great fit for me, tying all my passions together.