Sean Sanders

Production Manager


In the bustling world of production, I'm the steady hand at the helm within the shop, ensuring that every detail falls into place like the pieces of a grand puzzle. My colleagues often say I have a philosophical bent, and perhaps that's true. Beyond the intricacies of production, I find solace in the serene game of disc golf, where precision and patience intersect. It's a quirky hobby, but it reminds me that life's most profound lessons often come in the most unexpected forms.

I live by the mantra, "Everything in due time, as it should be." This guiding principle extends to my work, where I believe that every step in the production process has its purpose and place.

Beyond my role, if I were to embark on a different path, I'd choose to be an author. You see, I'm a philosopher at heart, and I'm driven to share my insights with the world. I want others to know that in every experience, no matter how unique or challenging, they are never truly alone. We are all connected by the threads of our shared humanity, and it's a message I'm committed to weaving into every aspect of my life, including the close-knit team here at GBD.