Erin Boyd

Assistant Project Manager


In the world of project management, I'm the orchestrator of order, but there's a hidden passion that fuels my soul: woodworking. This love affair has spanned years and often raises eyebrows, challenging traditional gender roles. Armed with a degree in fine woodworking, I revel in the art of shaping raw wood into breathtaking creations. My husband playfully dubs me "the man of the house," a title I wear with pride and laughter.

Beyond work, my life bursts with color through my wonderful family. I'm happily married with two vivacious children and a snoring English Bulldog, Bob Barker, whose serenades often grace our Zoom meetings.

One saying serves as my North Star: "We often find ourselves 'too close to the forest to see the trees.'" It's a reminder to step back, embrace the bigger picture, and infuse every day with passion.

What ignites my spirit is the joy of creation. The alchemy of transforming humble pieces of wood into art is my sanctuary. The scent, the texture, and the sense of accomplishment in a finished piece of furniture arxe nothing short of magical. I thrive on being a part of this creative journey, translating visions into reality.